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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. a wet, slick mess. here's a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. temperatures are below freezing in some spots, making driving a challenge, especially on some side streets. check out the nbc 10 first alert radar. the rain isn't falling right now but more wet weather is on the way for this afternoon. 4:00 a.m., this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. we've issued a first alert today. we want you to it be prepared because of the icy commute and more rain heading in today. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he has his first alert forecast. it's right at or below the freezing mark. >> first the ice that's already on the ground, we saw the snow
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and the freezing rain and sleet, too, yesterday. that has stopped falling from the sky. but it's cold enough that it's staying put, making for an icy morning. many slippery spots, especially in pennsylvania. but into new jersey as well. and dense fog as warm air is trying to move into the airy that is creating cold ground. this is later thisç morning an afternoon, the rain. there goes the freezing rain, the snow, the sleet, all pushed out of here. but now we're waiting for the temperatures to claim. philadelphia international, 48 degrees. but it's just above, one degree above freezing in wilmington. icy spots found in northern delaware, levittown at 33, langhorne 32 degrees. furlong, doylestown below freezing. these are the areas, you'll have to keep an eye out for icing this morning. the temperatures will be
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climbing. they'll be above freezing as we go through the morning hours. right now that ice is staying put, making for some very slippery conditions this morning. we will see a big warmup. the ice will be disappearing and then we'll get the rain, too. 44 degrees at 6:00. by 9:00, 52 degrees and still climbing. look at the winds. that's what's pushing the warm air into the area, winds at 21 miles an hour, at 9:00, gets stronger at lunch time. we go through the forecast hour by hour. jessica boyington has a look at your first alert traffic. >> we are trying to find some of those slippery roads for you. there are lots of them. reduced speeds as well on route 309 this morning. right here we're looking at an intersection where route 309 crosses route 202. the grassy areas are still snow covered. underneath the streetlights,
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there is water here. secondary roads, off ramps, intersections like this that aren't the major highways are going to see more of the slippery spots for sure. obviously no cars really in the area right now. it's not becoming a huge problem but it's something you want to take into account before you walk out the door this morning and give yourself that time to be safe. here is route 73. this is over further south in jersey where we're not seeing most of the freezing temperatures, right aroundç th atlantic city expressway. >> as jessica and bill just said, the morning commute could be icy, dangerous, poor visibility. allow for extra travel time and take it slow. matt delucia is live in malvern, chester county. >> one of the issues we've seen, mostly slushy roads. we pulled into a parking lot off
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202 about 3:30 this morning. within about two minutes we saw a flash of light nearby and then all the power at this wawa went out. some areas are dealing with power outages. i just checked in with the peco outage map. there are about 12,000 customers affected right now. over in this area, the traffic lights are still on, over by 202. we do see power on in other areas around here. not everywhere is affected by this. jessica was talking about the roads, not seeing a whole lot of cars out there. those that are, the drivers are trying to be taking it easy, taking it slow because it is a little icy. this is really what we've seen a lot of, slushy surfaces. there were actually folks here in this parking lot throwing salt down, not too long ago. because it is still icy but bill has been talking about that increase in temperatures. hopefully the conditions will start to improve as the day goes on. matt, right over here, these plow trucks, that's what we've
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been seeing a lot of in terms of vehicles out here. just a lot of plow trucks, salt trucks making sure that the roads are okay for the commute this morning. we'll stay out here, tray to check on the conditions. hopefully the power comes back on soon. we can talk with people heading out for their morning commute. in malvern, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. bill and jessica will return with weather and traffic updates in minutes. get weather alerts as they are issued on the nbc 10 app and customize the forecast for your neighborhood. be sure you're signed up for the nbc 10 school closings alerts as well.ç today, new jersey governor chris christie will deliver his budge eight dress to state lawmakers. christie is expected to unveil his plan for funding the state pension system and the trust fund.
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the governor suspended his presidential campaign last week as you know. late last night, christie tweeted a peek at his budget. >> i will never stop coming into this chamber and telling the hard truth. the numbers do not lie. we will not leave it for another day. another year. for another generation. >> governor cstty's address is scheduled for this afternoon at the statehouse in trenton. 4:06. today philadelphia school reform commission will vote on a dozen applications for new charter schools. the commission will hear from each applicant and the public before making its decision. the final step in the process follows a series of public hearings. if you'd like to speak at today's meeting, you need to register. we have information on how to do that at or our nbc 10
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app. community activists release a report on how they say oil trains are endangering low-income neighborhoods in philadelphia. minorities and the poor face an excessive risk of health and safety problems, the report claims. the problem could grow worse if plans to expand the pes refinery go through. it's a distribution point for oil coming by rail from north dakota. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:07. the rain has ended. we are dry. but what is on the grounded is creating problems this morning. many icy spots. it will be an icy start to the morning commute. the temperatures will be warming up. warm air already surging into the area. we will see that threat go away. but the warm air pushing in is create something thick fog moving in over the colder ground. afternoon, that's when heavy rain arrives and that will bring
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a flood threat to parts of the area today. fog, dense fog in allentown, 32 degrees, 34 in northeast philadelphia but atlantic city is at 52 degrees. that's the warm air that's pushing toward the city. no fog there looking across the delaware. the view from the adventure aquarium. temperatures not bad for millville and atlantic city. wilmington is 33 degrees. but look at chester county, right at the freezing mark for westtown and fair meadow farm. we have the pockets of colder air and others seeing a good warmup. 39 in westchester, below freezing, phoenixville and chester springs. it will ease as warm air pushes in, it is creating fog. it will eventually get rid of the ice and eventually this fog will disappear, too. zero visibility in coatesville and down to a quarter mile visibility for allentown, thick fog also in lancaster. the rain, radar shows it is
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completely dry right now but that changes later this morning. your hour by hour futurecast when i come back in ten minutes. we know the ride to work will be dicey. we have poor visibility, we have icy conditions. jessica boyington has a bank of cameras where she monitors the conditions. what are you seeing right now? >> we are definitely seeing slipperyen cans. you can't almost tell just by looking at it, that the roads are covered with slush, water at some point, maybe even icy spots. we'll start to see them when more cars head out on the roads. we'll see the same problems in the same spots over and over again. the schuylkill expressway, around 202. bright with the car approaching the camera right now. you can't even see the roadway at this point. 202 at this point, still some slippier spots there as well. all traffic still moving along nicely. what we really want to do is have you leave your house a little bit early.
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pennsauken, we are seeing temperatures at the freezing mark. here is route 30 right around collingswood circle.ç these are the kind of intersections an areas we're beginning to see probably most of the problems in. the whole entire center of the roadway is a complete shine. which means there's water there. as cars move by, water comes from underneath them as well. we'll highlight more of the slippery spots for you in the next ten minutes. there's an lsd investigation on the campus of villanova university. several students overdosed, two arrests. see how the drug and cash operation was run. one pricey plate. wait until you hear how much a man in delaware paid for a new license plate. and at 4:10, we continue to follow what will be a dangerous trek to work this morning. a live look at the schuylkill expressway at vine street.
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conditions are wet, icy in many spots, poor visibility. you need to take it slow today. we'll keep you posted as conditions develop this morning.
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we are focused on the conditions you'll face this among for your morning commute at 4:13. this is market. here's a look at the first alert radar. that's what's coming our way. no rain is falling right now. it will return later this morning and into this afternoon. make sure you follow us on twitter, especially today. our twitter addresses are on the screen. bill henley will be tweeting out first alert forecasts.
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jessica is tweeting about traffic issues and the conditions on the roads. two roommates are facing charges in an lsd bust at villanova university. the drugs sent several students to the hospital and led to the arrest of two freshmen over the weekend. justin yim is charged with having lsd and thousands of dollars of cash in his room. his roommate allegedly attack a woman on campus and foughtç wi public safety officers. he was allegedly high on the drug. >> people are still doing it. it has consequences just like anything else. >> just because your child might attend villanova, this just isn't an inner city issue. >> the students were treated and released from the hospital. university officials believe it was an isolated incident. new numbers suggest we are one step away from a widespread outbreak of flu in the our area. there are confirmed cases of influenza in new jersey,
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pennsylvania and delaware. the virus is widespread in new york. the cdc says that could be an indication of what's coming our way. it's a contagious respiratory illness. the best way to prevent is by getting a vaccine. there's still time to get your flu shot but it does take two weeks after the vaccination for the antibodies to develop in the body to protect against the flu. the coast guard will question the owner of the el faro today, the freighter ship sank last fall off the coast of the bahamas and killed all 33 on board. today the u.s. coast guard is holding the first of two hearings to look into whether misconduct or negligence were to blame. top officials of the company that owned the ship will testify about el faro's history. the el faro set sail from jacksonville, florida, as a powerful storm churned offshore. you can add france to the western nations condemning
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deadly air strikes on a hospital and a school in northern syria. the u.n. said yesterday attacks killed around 50 civilians, including children. this video shows a firefighter rescuing a newborn from a maternity war wrecked by the explosions. the west is blaming russia, a syrian ally for the strikes. syria's ambassador to russia, pointed the finger at america, a claim the u.s. denied. >> it's been a period of intensified bombing, particularly in the north of syria. we have condemned that in the strongest terms.ç >> the air strikes came just days before a planned cease-fire in syria's civil war. a garbage truck crashes and falls off a highway in miami. look the this video. it happened yesterday afternoon. the driver lost control of the truck, slammed into a concrete barrier, went off the highway and fell 100 feet on to a parking lot and play ground
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below. the electronic landed on the back ends of two unoccupied cars. the driver is in the hospital with seer you injuries. 4:17 right now. the lincoln memorial is getting a face lift thanks to a presidents' day gift of more than $18 million. billionaire philanthropist phillip rubenstein donated the money for the restoration. happening today in wilmington, delaware's governor is going to personally thank some students for helping homeless vets. the veterans have a new place to live thanks to students at three schools. they raised more then $150,000 for the delaware center for homeless vets during the last school year and the money was used to buy a house. a house. at 12th and walnut in wilmington. they helped refurbish it during a day of service. they held a drive to collect toiletries and household items
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for the veterans. a massive storm that's making the commute slick for drivers this morning, the delaware valley, is causing problems nationwide. the storm is being felt from the gulf coast all the way to maine. if florida, turns touched down yesterday. about 45 miles north of pensacola. at least ten homes were destroyed. meantime, first responders and volunteers rescued this unconscious woman from a home hit by a tornado. to free her, they had to dig around her using tools and their bare hands. no word on her condition. thousands of people in the pensacola area are still without power this morning. now to mississippi, a suspected tornado destroyed at least one home there. students had to seek shelter in schools when the storm hit.ç one student describe a scary moment when part of the roof was repped off. >> we had to go in the hallway. trees started breaking and the roof started falling in and stuff like that. it was all bad. it was honestly scary.
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>> officials say although there is severe damage in parts of the state, only minor injuries have been reported. this colossal storm system brings a fresh coat of snow to the northeast and is making the roads dangerous in richmond, virginia. yesterday there were three deadly accidents because of poor weather conditions. today we have to worry about icy roads and rain on the way and poor visibility because of the fog. let's get you updated on all of it with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> you'll find different conditions neighborhood by neighborhood, which is why we're going through it neighborhood by neighborhood and hour by hour. things are changing rapidly. you can see the wind blowing, warm air trying to come into the area. many of the streets, you can see that icy, slushy mix on the roads this morning. philadelphia international is up to 48 degrees, up 2 degrees in just 20 minutes time. the reason? look at the wind. out of the south/southeast at 14 miles an hour, gusting to 21
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miles an hour. that's warm air that's reached the airport. not everybody is seeing it just yet. expect to find ice on the roads, especially secondary roads. no problem for millville, atlantic city and toms river. north and west, coatesville, pottstown, doylestown at or near freezing this morning. the roads are still covered in an icy mix. 49 degrees in newbold, langhorne at 3 degrees. icy enough for doylestown and furlong, both in the low 30s right now. the wind is going to change that. warm air surging into the area. this is going to lead to a dramatic warmup this morning. but there's still another threat on the way. and that's the same storm that came through with the rain, the freezing rain and the snow yesterday. it's about to come right back at us, coming through with some heavy rainfall later this morning and this afternoon. enough rainfall that we could see some localizedç flooding. at noontime, there's heavy rain,
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just starting to push into lancaster county and northeastern maryland. it will swing through during the lunch time hour and into the early afternoon hours. at 3:00 this afternoon, it starts moving out of here. we'll see clearing skies as we go into the evening hours. look at the warmup, for montgomery and bucks counties, 46 degrees by 8:00. we'll see quick melting this morning after an icy start. by 9:00 this morning, some light rain and temperatures at 50 degrees for norristown and newtown and then into the middle 50s at newtown. that's at lunch time with a steadier rainfall. and it looks like that rain is going to then sweep into philadelphia, too. here's your hour by hour forecast. 6:00 this morning, 51 degrees. 53 at 9:00 and by lunch time, even warmer at 56 degrees. but look at those gusty winds, those winds will be strong enough to push the warm air in. we'll see rapid melting for the ice and the icy mix that's on
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the ground. a lot of that slush this morning has frozen this morning but it's not going to last long. then a lot of it will be washed away with the steadier rainfall as we go into the afternoon hours. >> we're focused on the temperature. it's increasing, those temperatures warming up, that's critical, right? >> yes. that's critical to getting rid of the ice. even a short drive this morning, you can see the temperatures change quite a bit in a very short drive and the situation go from roads that may not be too bad to ice covered this morning. >> be very, very careful. we've been talking about it. bill, thanks. let's focus on route 202, first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is doing that. jessica? >> that's right, tracy. i think it's better to be safe than sorry this morning, give yourself that extra time. if something looks or appears to be wet, assume that it's an icy spot. route 202 around easton road over in doylestown. you can see there's a well lit area, all of the center medians and all of the side shoulders
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for sure look slippery and icy and you can see cars moving through, not a lot of traffic out there so far for the earlier parts of the morningç where th temperatures are a little bit lower and maybe the roadways will be worse this morning. but you can see we definitely have those slippery spots there and on the way in, if you're on route 38 in haddonfield -- at haddonfield road in cherry hill, new jersey, right around pennsauken, where we are seeing low temperatures as well, it willing the on ramps and off ramps that we'll see the slippery spots in. that's what i'll predict for earlier than the commute starts to rise up there. we will keep an eye on these slippery spots for you in p.a. and new jersey for the rest of the morning. tracy? >> thanks. 4:23 right now. about 40,000 people have their eyes focused on broad street. the winners of the broad street run bibs now know they'll be running this spring. ahead in the next half hour, if you didn't get a bib, you still have a chance to run. also, look at that 14, pricey
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plate. hear how much money a man from delaware just spent on this new piece of metal. here's a live look at the reports from stormforce 10. this is route 611 headed north in cheltenham, montgomery county. the roads are icy and wet. reduced visibility because of fog. we have you covered. this nbc 10 first alert  winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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it is 4:26 and 47 degrees at the airport. near freezing in other areas. here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge. conditions are slick and icy.
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fog is becoming an issue as temperatures rise. from our delaware bureau, if you see the number 14 on a personalized license plate, know that it came at a high price. a wilmington couple paid $325,000 for a 14 plate. we asked the man from wilmington why anyone would pay so much for a simple metalç plate. >> when you live in delaware you understand this is prestigious thing attached to a license plate, especially black license plates, especially low number license plates. people like to flaunt their prestige however they can. >> paying so much for a low numbered plate becomes a true investment if you keep it long enough. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> take it slow with whatever plate you have on your car this morning. it is icy in much of the area,
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though the temperatures are climbing. one of the warm spots, philadelphia international which is now 47 degrees at 4:28. jessica boyington is watching some ice covered roads this morning in the first alert traffic center. >> that's right, bill. we are paying attention to the side roads, secondary roads as well. here is aramingo avenue around caster avenue. you can see all the lanes. why they don't have a lot of cars on them, covered in at least a slushy mix of water or icy spots. you can see over into the side roads, we do have snow still on the grassy patches. more of these slippery spots for you when i come back at 4:30.
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